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Witches Garden Mist

Mysterious, ceremonial, sacred. 

Made with a delicate blend of essential oils and infused with incense smoke. This is smoky, spicy, made to transcend your space and body. Rich notes of dried florals and herbs that have been resting for centuries soaking up the moons intentions. A sensual balance of patchouli, orange, pink pepper, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, and guaiac wood. Witches Garden Mist is unlike anything you have ever experienced, transporting you into subconscious realms of nostalgia and love. 

Spritz this onto your body with sacred intentions, close your eyes and let it transport you into portals of past lives and enchanted witches gardens.


How to use:

Shake, spritz onto clothing/body. Can be used as a room spray. Comes parcled in a 2oz amber glass bottle.