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Rose Hydrosol

Bold, aromatic, cooling, toning and calming! Gives your skin that natural dewy look. 

Certified 100% organic Rose Hydrosol that uses fresh roses rather than dried petals during distillation, which is what sets our rose hydrosol apart from others! Hydrosols are more potent than floral waters due to the way they are distilled allowing trace minerals, antioxidants and a stronger aromatic experience. 

If you have overly sensitive skin then this is the mist for you! Rose Hydrosol contains plant compounds that wont irritate, only nurture it gently through the use of a special distillation process. This works as the perfect substitution for a natural toner that wont strip your skin of the oils needed to maintain a healthy sebum. 



Rosa x damascena Mill

Origin: Bulgaria 



Use on its own for calming and gently toning effects. Or, use in conjunction with lotions and face serums. Spritz onto face and body before applying lotion, by doing so you are prepping your skin for a deeper absorption of other products.