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Eye Am Third Eye Mist

Eye Am.... 

You are....pure light and love. Sometimes we have a hard time seeing ourselves, the world and all its beautiful colors. Your third eye is your intuition, a sacred energy center which we all are born with but often loose sight of...pun intended. 

Eye Am was originally crafted for a group of stunning women during the summer solstice but I felt called to offer it to everyone. This mist is intended to help calm your nervous system, to quiet the mind and to allow you to tap into your third eye energy center. Your third eye is sacred and holds great knowledge that we find ourselves doubting. When you allow room for your soul to breathe freely your third eye will begin to shift and your guides show up in full sight. This mist is your guardian to help you walk back into the path of sight in all its multidimensional glory via mother earths abundant plant allies. 

Crafted in small batches under via deep mediation this mist is made using sustainable California white sage, blue tansy, Peruvian palo santo, clary sage, bay, lavender, sandalwood and rosemary hydrosol. 

Use when you first wake in the morning before your frontal lobe fully wakes, or during moments of deep mediation. Can be used as a calming and refreshing room mist to reset the energy. 


How to use:

Shake contents and spritz around room, on yoga mat, altar or your body. Breathe deep and find your center, release your breath and have happy travels amongst the cosmos. 


Full Ingredient list:

White Sage EO. Palo Santo EO. Clary Sage EO. Rosemary EO. Bay Leaf EO. Sandalwood EO* Blue Tansy EO* Rosemary Hydrosol*